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Hi there, and Welcome to the Woods and Waters Taxidermy web site.  My name is John Kaszycki, but most people just call me Ski. 

I’ve been an avid hunter and fisherman all my life. My first pheasant, was shot back in 1970, and was mounted by the local taxidermist. When I hung the bird on my wall, I admired the beauty, and marveled at  the taxidermist’s skill. I thought, perhaps I can learn this art myself. So began many hours of practice.  I practiced on birds, fish, deer and other animals. Encouraged by friends, I pursued taxidermy. 35 years have past.  And taxidermy is still my craft.

Through the years I’ve had repeat customers who time and again say that my heads look so real; so life like.

My response became my taxidermy slogan...

My Heads Fool Even Mother Nature.

My craft is practiced the old fashioned conventional way.  No freeze dry from me. I do all the work in my own workshop and guarantee the mount for as long as you own it.

I know you treasure your trophy and I will treasure your specimen as if it were mine to display on my wall.

Good hunting and fishing.


Woods and Waters Taxidermy

1180 Jennings Town Road Crewe VA 23930


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Woods and Waters Taxidermy

1180 Jennings Town Road

Crewe, VA 23930



John Kaszycki Taxidermist

My Heads Fool Even Mother Nature